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Tecnifibre XONE 1.24 (orange) Squash String

Tecnifibre XONE 1.24 (orange) Squash String

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The Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Squash String is best choice for club and PRO level players looking for ultimate power.

Some calls this string as the best in the world for feel and dynamic power. Good quality and outstanding durability is almost unbelievable for such a thin gauge string.

Biphase Technology pre-stretches the fibre to offer 20% more durability and greater spin control
  • PU 400 inside: 400% elasticity for maximum comfort and dynamic performance

  • 50% Elastyl fiber provides maximum power.

  • 30% h2C Fiber for tension maintenance and precision.

  • 20% Polyamide fiber for flexibility and ball feel.

  • Biphase process results in 20% improved durability.

Thickness: 1.24mm
Color: Orange