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Tecnifibre Cross Shot 2021 Squash Racket

Tecnifibre Cross Shot 2021 Squash Racket

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Tecnifibre Cross Shot 2021 - Latest low cost squash racket model from Technifibre!

Very good choice for beginners.

The racket with its racket head of 500cm2 and a stringing pattern of 14x20 generates a lot of speed and is very forgiving even when you do not hit in the middle of a sweet spot.

The top-light balance makes this squash racket easy to maneuver over the entire course.

A perfect choice for you who are developing as a squash player.

The squash racket comes stringed and ready for play.


  • Weight - 190 gr
  • Balance - Head light
  • Factory String - Synthetic Gut 1.25 
  • Grip - PU Tecnifibre