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Dunlop Force Graphite G3 Beach Tennis Racket

Dunlop Force Graphite G3 Beach Tennis Racket

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The DUNLOP Force Graphite beach tennis racket is specially designed for amateurs and professional players who want to improve themselves on the court. Developed using Dunlop Carbon Graphite technology, it provides a strong and secure impact on the ball. The arrangement of the holes on the racket plate provides more flexibility, smoothing the reaction to impact. All this means an increase in the accuracy and speed of the game.

Technical specification

Material: 80% carbon graphite emits the most stable form of solid carbon ever discovered.

Protective strip: placed on the edges of the beach tennis racket, protects it from impacts and scratches.

Medium density EVA core: highly flexible material with excellent strength and flexibility

Pro Flex: technology that gives the racket more flexibility thanks to the use of internal rubber (EVA) without compromising control.

Weight: 350 g

Length: 49 cm

Profile: 20 mm

Material: 80% carbon graphite

Head size: Oversize

Pro Basis: Medium density EVA