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Importance of good Grip tape for your Squash Racket

Everyone understands the importance of choosing the right racket depending of your play level and style. But the importance of the grip tape is often overlooked. New, freshly wound grips practically stick to the hand. The hand does not slip, the racket does not turn at the moment of hitting the ball, and your shot is strong and accurate. After some hours of play grip tape becomes slippery - most often the accuracy of the shot drops down and sometimes the racket even flies out of the hand.

Let's talk more about grips, difference between them and how often do we need to change them?

There are few parameters we need to know:

- type of grip - main grip or overgrip

Overgrip is used to cover the main grip - more popular in tennis, less often used in squash. Suitable for players who like a thicker racket handle.

Main grip - used as main grip - here you can also adjust the thickness of the racket handle by winding itself - end-to-end or overlapped.

- the material from which the grip is made

The most popular grip is made from PU (polyurethane), less common is grip made from leather. PU grips are much cheaper, but they need to be changed quite often. Leather grip is expensive but durable.

- Thickness, color and perforation

It's a matter of choice - just try out different grips and find out which one you like more.

The main question is when is it time to change the grip. It depends on how often you play and how much you sweat while playing. But the principle is - fresher-better. As soon as the grip becomes dirty, slippery or scrubbed, then immediately change it. I will share one life-hack with you - it is better to choose a white or some light color grip - dirt is better visible on it (as opposed to black). As soon as grip gets dirty, you will quickly want to change it.

Squash is a very fast moving sport, so every detail is important.

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