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How to choose the right Shoes for Squash?

In every sport you can find its own nuances that you need to know when choosing shoes.

What are these nuances in squash?

Firstly, squash is indoor sport, we need indoor (non markable) shoes. Outdoor running shoes will not suit here.

Secondly, squash is a very dynamic sport, means there are a lot of chaotic movements in different directions, respectively, the shoes should hold the foot well and protect against injuries such as dislocation, for example.

Thirdly, squash is a very energy demanding sport, so the shoes should be light and comfortable. Try out running for an hour in heavy, uncomfortable shoes.

And last but not least, squash is a very gambling and contagious sport, means you will play often, so you need hardy shoes.

If we are talking about shoes brands, feel free to choose from such manufacturers as ASICS, SALMING, EYE RACKETS, KARAKAL, TEUTON, PRINCE, ADIDAS, BABOLAT.

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