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How to choose a Squash Ball?

- What ball do you play with?
- It’s black!
- Yes, but what about a dot on the ball, what color is it?
- A dot?

Ok, let me tell you more about balls and difference between them. Squash balls come in d

ifferent colors - colored (yellow, orange, green), white and black. You won’t see colored balls in the club very often, but if you don’t have glass court you won’t see also white squahs ball. Anyway since there are such balls, let's speak about them also.

COLORED (also called JUNIOR squash balls)- oversized to standard sized balls with increased bounce. They are mainly used when playing with kids who are just trying squash.

WHITE - standard sized balls. They are mainly used on glass courts. Reason is that white ball is much more visible in the video than the black one when playing on a glass court.

BLACK - classic, standard balls. Let's talk a bit more about them, since they are most popular both during training and on tournaments. There are 4 main types of black balls - with BLUE DOT, with RED DOT, with one YELLOW DOT and with TWO YELLOW DOTS. They all differ in rebound - the ball with a blue dot is the most bouncy, then it goes ball with a red dot - it is less bouncy, then it goes ball with a yellow dot - less bouncy then red one and the least bouncy ball is the ball with two yellow dots.

If you are just starting to play squash - take the "blue" or "red" ball - such balls you dont need to heat, they jump well anyway. Feel the bounce, understand the trajectory and speed of the ball. You need time to understand how the ball moves. When your game will start to improve, there will be a need for a more difficult ball, so just switch to a black ball with one yellow dot - a great option for club players. Such a ball is often used even by high-level players in order to get longer rallies in the game, as well as this ball is used in the cold season. Finally, the black ball with two points is the most difficult and at the same time the most interesting ball with the minimum bounce. This ball must be warmed up before playing. When you hit the ball it becomes hotter and softer, with better bounce.
And last but not least, there are a number of squash ball manufacturers. All these balls are quite similar. Balls from Dunlop are the official balls of all tournaments, but there are also balls from Karakal, Pointfore, Viktor, Tecnifibre, Eye, Prince, Oliver, Wilson etc.

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