Ares Tape Precut Kinesiology Tape 5m - Pink

Ares Tape Precut Kinesiology Tape 5m - Pink
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Genuine Ares Tape Precut - Kinesiology Tape

Precut: 20 Precut strips 2" x 10" (5cm x 25cm). Roll lenght 5m

What is ARES Tape?

Ares Kinesiology Tape is an elastic therapeutic and sporting tape for Kinesiology Taping Method, which is worldwide technique being used in many sporting fields as successfully as with patients in a physiotherapeutic setting. Ares Kinesiology Tape is designed to the same thickness and elasticity of the epidermis (out layer) of the skin with longitudinal stretch of 160~180% of its resting length. Ares Kinesiology Tape is used in treatment of muscle, fascia and tendon symptoms and for performance enhancement by way of continuous receptor stimulation. Natural healing process is therefore instantly enhanced due to improved circulation in the taped area.

  • Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain
  • Promote blood/lymph circulation and healing
  • Support for muscles and joints
  • Prevent injuries and fatigue
  • Enhance performance

Physiological Effect

When a muscle is inflamed, swollen, or stiff, the space between the skin and the muscle is compressed, resulting in constriction and congestion to the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood circulation. This compression applies pressure to the pain receptors located in the space between the skin and the muscle, which in turn relays discomfort signals to the brain resulting in the sense of ‘pain’ of affected area.

If you stretch the skin of the affected area before the application of Ares Kinesiology Tape the taped area will form wrinkles when the applied area is back to its normal or neutral position. The wrinkling effect formed by Ares Kinesiology Tape is essential since this lifting of the skin creates more space for lymph and blood flow. Therefore the lymph drainage as well as blood circulation in the affected area can be improved effectively through taping application.

Eventually, the friction between the tissues beneath the skin is decreased due to the promoted movement of lymphatic fluid and blood circulation. Pain is reduced because the pressure on the pain receptors is lessened. The end results are believed to be reduced muscle fatigue, increase in range of motion (ROM), and better quality of muscle contraction. 

Key Advantages

  • Free from itchiness, rash, swelling and other skin troubles during application and after-use
  • Super light feeling and comfortable wearability without feeling of irritation
  • Lint-free and high quality cotton fabric used 
  • Water-resistant and stable adhesive strength even after shower and bath
  • Excellent adhesive stability free from corners/edges coming off during application
  • Beautiful and trendy colours being everyone’s preference
  • No repulsive odor at all times
  • Muscular-look and trendy package designs and settings carefully designed by professionals
  • Easy to use Mini Guide is always coming along with every roll 

Product Details

  • -Unit size: 20 strips (5cm x 25cm each)
  • -Individual package for 1 roll including Mini-Guide(Instructions)


  • Latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape
  • Acrylic heat-activated backing
  • No medicinal properties
  • Approximately same thickness and weight of skin
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be worn in pool and shower (water-resistant)


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